10 Foods You Should Never Eat

15 Foods You Should Never Buy on Sale

Pre-cut Fruit or Veggies

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“If pre-cut fruit and veggies are on sale, they’re likely on their way out and about to expire. Unless you plan on consuming [them] that day, it’s likely best to avoid (although inspect it for freshness and use your judgment),” Marlowe said. Pre-cut veggies look wonky? Grab some whole produce and cut it up yourself so you have something to snack on all week!


Avocado sliced in halfCharles Deluvio/Unsplash

It’s hard to say no to a cheap avocado, but when avocados are on sale? “If they are on sale and it’s not a guac-heavy holiday, they are probably overripe. Again, if you plan to use that day, it’s probably OK, but you probably don’t want to buy them for the week. But, of course, use your best judgment,” Marlowe adds.

Conventional/Non-organic Meat

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“No matter how good the price is, when it comes to animal products, quality is key. It’s best to spend a little more on high-quality meat i.e. organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised,” Marlow said.

But if you do find high-quality meat products on sale and they haven’t yet reached the “sell-by” date, you might have a good opportunity to save. “I frequently buy expensive cuts of meat that have been discounted for “quick sale” as they get close to their “sell by” date,” McGrath notes.

Farmed Seafood


Regardless of whether there is a sale or not, farmed seafood isn’t Marlowe go-to. “Wild Seafood is a healthier choice, as it typically has less contamination of PCBs compared to farmed, and is significantly lower in calories and saturated fat compared to farmed,” Marlowe said. “Wild is also typically more nutritious. For example wild salmon has a more ideal omega 6:omega 3 ratio, whereas farmed salmon is much higher in pro-inflammatory omega-6, which is not ideal. Depending on where the fish comes from, there is also a possibility that farmed fish can be treated with antibiotics,” Marlowe explained.


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Sorry, cereal-lovers: “I wouldn’t buy it if not on sale either — sugary, refined grains are not the best way to start the morning,” Marlowe said. Instead, consider replacing your cereal with one of these 25 Best Yogurts for Weight Loss.

Pre-washed, Bagged Salad Greens

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“If the pre-washed, packaged salad greens are on sale, they’re probably about to expire. Check the expiration date and examine the package to ensure freshness before buying,” Marlowe advised.

Baked Sweets

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Bakery sweets and cakes may be even more enticing when placed on sale. Besides the possibility of not tasting as fresh or being stale, Marlowe says to avoid them when you can. “Sweets are too tempting to keep around! It may cost less, but the calories and amount of sugar are the same,” Marlowe added.

Nut Butter with additives/preservatives

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“Nut butter is expensive (I’m looking at you bottle of almond butter!) but instead of choosing an expensive nut butter that is cut with additives like vegetables oils and sugar, consider buying a less expensive nut and seed butter that is pure. For example, sunflower seed butter, cashew butter, and tahini are all more reasonably priced than almond butter (even when the additive laced-almond butter is on sale!),” Marlowe said.

Fresh Nut Butters

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On the flip-side, if freshly ground nut-butters are on-sale at the grocery store (for reasons other than a special promotion the store is having) be cautious. Since these kinds of nut butters are preservative free, they may not taste as fresh and could go rancid quickly.

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While eggs are relatively cheap staples to keep in the fridge, if you come across some that are deeply discounted, you may want to think twice. “It’s always best to pay more for high-quality animal products, such as organic meat and eggs, or wild seafood. By doing so, you avoid the hormones and antibiotics that can be found in conventional meat and limit your exposure to certain chemicals found in seafood,” Marlowe said.

milk jugs on shelfShutterstock

If you use a lot of milk, you’ll definitely want to check the expiration date on the package before buying at a discount. Ask anyone who’s ever brought home a new carton of milk and then finds it’s actually spoiled once they open it. It’s not a fun (or safe) experience to have.


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Bread is another pantry staple that may be on the way to being stale if you’re buying it on sale. Check the date on the package to make sure it’s relatively fresh before taking it home. Even worse, you might notice mold growing a little bit sooner than desired if you take advantage of a really cheap deal at the store.

Preservative free-foods

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This may seem a bit obvious since many people like to avoid preservatives in food anyways. But you may want to especially stay clear of sale foods marked “preservative free,” unless you’re going to eat it right away. Clearly, a lack of preservatives in a perishable food is a bad idea if it’s questionable when the food was made or how long it sat around on the shelf.


Woman picks up yogurt from grocery store shelfShutterstock

Similarly to milk, Greek yogurt and regular yogurt can spoil easily so proceed with caution when you find it at a deep discount on the shelf at your favorite grocery store. This is a bit tricky since most yogurt is cultured milk with probiotics, so it can naturally taste or smell a little sour—even if it’s not necessarily bad.

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