20 Summer Handbag Trends

Can you imagine what your life would be like without a purse? Where would you carry…shoot, all of the stuff that you like to tote around?

OK but here’s the thing: One mistake that a lot of women make is carrying (if not lugging) the same purse around until it’s literally coming a part at the seams. That’s just horrible!

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Although a purse is a functional accessory, it’s still a part of fashion nonetheless. So, if it’s time for you to get a new purse and you know it, don’t just get a new one. This summer, get one that’s a part of the summertime trends.

1. Straw purses

Straw pursesStraw purses/

It’s probably no surprise to you that one of the current purse trends is straw. That’s because straw looks so airy and light. It’s the perfect look for a pair of flip-flops and cut-off shorts.

2. Very small purse

Very small purseVery small purse/

Yeah, we know. Who can fit what they need in this little thing? Well, on the rare occasions when all you need is your debit card and a tube of lipstick, a purse like this will come in handy. Plus, fashionistas everywhere will know that you’re aware that it’s in season right now.

3. Folded purses

Folded pursesFolded purses/

Basically, a folded purse is a large clutch that folds over. So, if you’re shopping for one, that’s what you should be on the lookout for.

4. Backpacks


Did you basically think that backpacks were only for students and hikers? Not this year. This season, all kinds of women are wearing them.

5. Reptile skin purse

Reptile skin purseReptile skin purse/

If you need a new purse for work, consider going with a reptile print one. It’s very sophisticated and if you take good care of it, it’ll last you for quite some time.

6. Cross-body bag

Cross body bagCross-body bag/

OK, a cross body bag is basically a purse where the strap goes over your chest rather than on your shoulder. Therefore, pretty much any purse will work. The key is to go with one that has a really long strap (especially if you have a full bust line).

7. Large purse

Large purseLarge purse/

For those of you who like to try and put the kitchen sink into your purse, you’ll be thrilled to know that really large purses are also in.

8. Cigar box purses

Cigar box pursesCigar box purses/

Aren’t these so cute and different? If you’d like to learn how to make one of your own, you can get some step-by-step instructions .

9. Really unique purse

Really unique purseReally unique purse/

Another look that’s big are purses that actually don’t look like purses. Websites like eBay or Etsy are good places to start when it comes to super unique ones like this.

10. Fringe purse

Fringe purseFringe purse/

In honor of all things Boho chic, you must get yourself a fringe purse. If you find one in leather, it’s another purse addition that can last you for several seasons.

11. Vintage suitcases

Vintage suitcasesVintage suitcases/

Planning on going on a trip? If so, don’t forget to take a vintage suitcase along with you. You’ll be the envy of all the travelers who see it.

12. Oversized clutch

Oversized clutchOversized clutch/

Aside from a folded clutch, another big look this summer is the kind of clutch that is overized. The bigger the better!

13. Aztec print purse

Aztec print purseAztec print purse/

This is another thing that goes well with the whole Bohemian look. Get a big floppy hat and a lace kimono jacket to go along with it and you’ll be good to go!

14. Retro-style purse

Retro-style purseRetro-style purse/

Retro styles are all over the fashion blogs right now. So, it would make sense that it’s a big purse trend. The cool thing about this particular one is that you probably won’t have to spend a dime in order to have it. Just go up into your grandmother’s closet. She’s bound to have at least one. Or 20.

15. ‘Doctor’ bag

'Doctor' bag‘Doctor’ bag/

We’re not sure who decided that doctor’s bags needed to be purses this year. But when we saw this floral print one, we were sold.

16. Furry purses

Furry pursesFurry purses/

Fur in the summer? Yeah, it probably does seem a bit…odd. But look at it this way: It’s the kind of purse that you can wear, confidently so, all year long.

17. Printed purse

Printed pursePrinted purse/

If you’re fond of prints, then look for a purse that has one on it. It’s another popular look right now.

18. Bucket bag

Bucket bagBucket bag/

Looking at this picture, you can probably see why this particular purse is known as a “bucket bag”. It’s really cute too.

19. Crochet purse

Crochet purseCrochet purse/

Knits and crotchet have a bit of an old-fashioned feel. But they are so great to wear with a romper or little mini dress and platform shoes.

20. Multiple purses (at once)

Multiple purses (at once)Multiple purses (at once)/

Who would’ve thought that carrying several purses at once would ever become a trend, but guess what? It has. So, if you happen to have a couple of them and you can’t decide which one to take, take both. So long as one is larger than the other, you’ll fit right on in with this season’s fashion models.

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20 Summer Handbag Trends
20 Summer Handbag Trends images

2019 year
2019 year - 20 Summer Handbag Trends pictures

20 Summer Handbag Trends recommendations
20 Summer Handbag Trends recommendations photo

20 Summer Handbag Trends images
20 Summer Handbag Trends images

20 Summer Handbag Trends 20 Summer Handbag Trends new picture
20 Summer Handbag Trends new photo

photo 20 Summer Handbag Trends
foto 20 Summer Handbag Trends

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Watch 20 Summer Handbag Trends video

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